Facebook. More Questions. More answers.

In an election upended by the pandemic and misinformation, millions of Americans are seeking answers to their questions about voting—whether it’s when to register, how to vote by mail, or how to stay safe at the polls.

To help ensure that no one is counted out in this election, Facebook launched the Voting Information Center: a massive voting information initiative that provides official information from election authorities, all with the goal of helping 4 million people to register and vote in 2020.


Agency: Droga5
CCO: Felix Richter, Tim Gordon
ECD: Karen Short
CD: Lauren Ferreira
Sr Creatives: Bastien Grisolet, Ted Meyer, Jason Gold
Prod: Liliana Vega

Director: Daniels               
Prod: Prettybird
Edit: Parralax
Color: Beau Leon
Music: “Go Up” Gizzle
Sound Design: Sonic Union

© Bastien Grisolet Zamanisira   
Creative Director based in NYC. 
Currently @ Droga5.