Facebook. Born In Quarantine.

No matter how “unprecedented times” may be, if we’re able to connect, we can always find someone who’s been there before and might understand the way forward.
“Born in Quarantine,” launched just in time for Mother’s Day, 2020, more than 500,000 babies had been born into what felt like a completely unique situation.
Hoping to ease these mothers’ anxieties, Facebook offered a poignant message from the only people who has seen this before: babies born during the 1918 influenza pandemic.


Agency: Droga5
CCO: Felix Richter, Tim Gordon
CD: Thom Glover, Kia Heinnen
Sr Creatives: Bastien Grisolet, Martin Baker
Prod: Mike Hasinoff

Director: Martin De Thurah               
Prod: Epoch / Bacon
Edit: Mikel Nielssen
Color: Tom Poole
Music: “Peace piece” Bill Evans
Arrangement & Sound Design: Ballad 

© Bastien Grisolet Zamanisira   
Creative Director based in NYC. 
Currently @ Droga5.