Dustin Yellin x Tribeca Film Festival. Procession.

Droga5 partnered with contemporary artist Dustin Yellin and the National Wildlife Federation to create Procession, a groundbreaking augmented-reality (AR) app set in a dystopian world where human-created climate change wreaks havoc as viewers watch.

Procession is one of the first fine-art AR projects based on a realized sculpture to combine animation, collage and archival footage into an explorative interactive soundscape. It presents our near future: a period of global unrest and environmental destruction, spurred by raging flood waters and massive wildfires. Humanity is faced with a choice: living in ignorance or uniting to preserve what’s left of our planet.



Droga5, Dustin Yellin, National Wildlife Federation, Squint/Opera, Q Department, Mach1, Vrai Pictures

© Bastien Grisolet Zamanisira   
Creative Director based in NYC. 
Currently @ Droga5.